Start Financial Freedom now

What does financial freedom mean to you ? What would you pay to learn to how to pay your mortgage in advance with other people’s money? You might actually look forward to your mortgage payment!

The Float My Mortgage is not the traditional approach to “overpaying” on your mortgage. Overpaying is a great long term technique where you overpay a small amount each month or make bi-weekly payments. But the main issue here is that you are always using your own savings! Once you have invested that saved money in the mortgage, you aren’t free to invest it for other things – you have lost opportunity cost.

The Float My Mortgage method is completely new concept. It makes mortgage payments and over payments without your own money! 

Sound impossible ? It’s not!

Do the numbers :

  • Imagine you have a 4.5% mortgage now
  • You can delay paying your mortgage today with multi-month “loan” (at 2% or less)
  • You can now invest that mortgage payment cash to get returns from 1% upwards

You are making money three ways:

  • Saving on the lifetime mortgage interest by making mortgage payments and over payments months in advance
  • Keeping your mortgage payments today so you can invest in conservative investments (that will return your money)
  • Beating inflation by paying your mortgage provider today but not actually paying up until months in advance.

How come everyone doesn’t know this already ?

The techniques used by the Float My Mortgage method have only became available in the last few years. Now they have been tested and perfected. Note this means that the Float My Mortgage method has also been tested throughout the 2008/09 credit crisis.

Why not tell everyone if it works so great? Well, it was promoted by word of mouth and all the positive feedback persuaded us to setup this website to “get the word out”. This shares the wealth, and still keeps the Float My Mortgage method usable for its members.

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