Invest versus overpay mortgage

Should I pay down my mortgage or invest ?
Traditional advice is that you must invest or pay down.
However what if you could do both?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a way to pay your mortgage today with someone else’s money but still have the same mortage payment money available to invest for a year or more ? You’d only have to pay your mortgage payments a year or more later, leaving you the money to invest today. Think about how much investment opportunity that could provide you.

What if you could get a loan to do that at 2% or less for up to 2 years ? That interest rate is less than most people’s mortgage, so you could save significant mortgage interest by overpaying now, without having to actually pay up until many months later.

While you were waiting you could just use the money to put in a 1% savings account. That’s not much, but it reduces the 2% loan rate!  That’s also likely to be way lower than your mortgage rate right now!

You would be saving big on lifetime mortgage interest by overpaying many months earlier – without using your own money.

Using the 1% savings account and the “loan” is the basic Float My Mortgage method. Sign up for a free membership to see a 15min video that explains how this works in much more detail. A paid membership gives you the full process with manual, videos and spreadsheets.

If you wanted to try and make more return you could add the money to other investments you already own – other than a 1% savings account. This is an optional part of the method if you are comfortable with the increased risk. It is absolutely not required to run the basic Float My Mortgage method. This is the “super charged” version of the method to invest your mortgage payments.

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